Founded in August 2003, growing daily, updated often, this is the homepage of the 1966-67 Dodge Charger Registry. It focuses on the first Dodge Charger, a premium fastback, of which about 53,132 were built.

     Listing pages are set up so that you can view all of the '66/'67 Chargers in the registry, including paint codes, build dates, options, pictures, engine and trans, etc. VINs and personal information is not and will not be made public. Although some members choose to allow their first name, last initial and email to be displayed.

     What can be registered? Almost anything. This includes active Chargers along with parts cars, Certicards, build sheets, window stickers, previously owned vehicles, and even lone fender tags. If it has to do with a '66/'67 Charger and it has a V.I.N. or build information on it, then it can be registered.

     So most importantly, come on in, have a look around, and enjoy the site!

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1966 Charger 1967 Charger Fastback Charger Paint Codes AA1 BB1 CC1 DD1 EE1 GG1 HH1 KK1 LL1 MM1 PP1 QQ1 RR1 SS1 TT1 WW1 XX1 YY1 ZZ1 661 881 NASCAR Grand National Paul Goldsmith Richard Petty David Pearson Cotton Owens VIN Decode Pictures picture Gallery '66 '67 Charger registry fastback colors PAINT TRM PNT UBS fender tag vin number certicard certi card four bucket seats electroluminescent dash lighting citron gold mauve Dodge Charger Registry Fender Tag 426 Hemi 440 383 361 318 poly A LA V8 grille trunk medallion